Tron Seeks Solutions to Reduce Withdrawal Fees with Binance

Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun said they are working closely with Binance and exploring solutions to reduce withdrawal fees for Tron stablecoins and exchange tokens. As it is known, the Tether (USDT) token on the TRX network is one of the most popular tools that users use to send funds to each other. In his statement, Justin Sun said the following about their recent collaboration with the crypto exchange Binance:

“At #TRON, we are dedicated to building a network that is cheap, fast, and secure. Following the recent change in energy charging model to the dynamic energy model, @Binance adjusted the withdrawal fees on the #TRON network.

We are working closely with #Binance and actively exploring solutions that would reduce withdrawal fees of #TRON stablecoins and tokens on the exchange. We remain committed to making crypto trading more affordable for everyone.

Further updates will be shared with the community once available.”

The Tron founder recently announced his new AI-themed initiative. Artificial intelligence has been becoming an increasingly popular field lately, and many AI-themed coins have also received their share of popularity.

The Tron founder may also have wanted to share in the hype wave by announcing his new initiative on artificial intelligence. In addition, Justin Sun is currently acting as the de facto CEO of Huobi and is thought to be the original owner of the exchange.

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