Transactions on Many Networks with “Core Mobile Wallet”

Ava Labs; launched Core Mobile with self-custody, a multichain mobile wallet application, on Android. With iOS support planned for 2023, Core Mobile aims to be a user-friendly wallet and connect quickly to the rapidly growing DeFi, NFT and gaming ecosystems across Avalanche.

Traveling in the crypto-asset world is notoriously difficult. Many wallets are not compatible for multiple blockchains and require special configurations to be compatible. These wallets, which do not have many features and conveniences that crypto-asset traders and dApp users need, lead users to alternative wallet applications.

Core Mobile fixes issues with many wallet apps. It provides the fastest, most efficient user experience to seamlessly transact Avalanche and other EVM compatible chains.

Core extension; It stands out for its user-friendliness along with innovative innovations such as providing local Bitcoin transfers to Avalanche and enabling almost instant swaps.

Core Mobile offers digital asset traders and collectors the following features:

  • Self-custody feature for added security
  • Easy transfer of native Bitcoin and Ethereum assets for use in Avalanche DeFi applications
  • Effortlessly manage Avalanche and Ethereum assets, Bitcoin, NFTs and more
  • Easily swap hundreds of Avalanche assets
  • Be able to purchase AVAX with debit or credit card in just a few clicks
  • Easily track real-time asset price movements on a convenient Watch List
  • Pay anyone you want by scanning the QR code
  • In Avalanche; High-speed connectivity to DeFi dApps, NFT marketplaces and games
  • Ability to discover preloaded Subnets in Avalanche ecosystem
  • Quickly add any EVM compatible Layer 1 and Layer 2
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