Trailer Released for Futuristic Space Game “Project Matthew” from BinaryX

BinaryX has announced that Project Matthew, a space building simulation game, will be released soon. The team released the trailer video, where you can get first impressions of the game. Project Matthew is opening registrations for the upcoming “Closed Beta Test”. Project Matthew takes place in outer space, where players take over as landowners of a distant land called Matthew. The object of the game is for players to build their own extraterrestrial cities by setting up industrial production lines that generate resources for further development.

The adventure begins with players given an NFT plot to build their city. Players can build different types of helper robots that will add different skills to collect garbage, fight or explore new areas to improve the city. Players can assemble an army of robots with different skills and abilities and challenge enemies on the battlefield to earn great rewards. The battlefield is divided into different difficulty levels. The harder the level, the bigger the rewards. Exploration is one of the primary ways to earn rewards and resources in Project Matthew. There is a collection of neighboring and distant planets waiting to be discovered in the game.

Sharing his views on the subject, Rudy S, Global Head of Business Operations and Development at BinaryX, said;

“Project Matthew is our biggest project in the first half of 2023. We wanted to bring new game genres to the BinaryX ecosystem and this game will be the first simulation game to be on our platform. We want our players to immerse themselves in space as landowners and explorers. We’re really excited to welcome brand new space enthusiasts and simulation players to our expanding community.”

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