Top Rising Cryptocurrencies of the Week

Leaving another week behind, the most rising cryptocurrencies are curious. The bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX was undoubtedly on the agenda of the crypto market this week. The bankruptcy process of FTX, which started sharply, turned the cryptocurrency market upside down. While the market followed a bearish trend, a few cryptocurrencies managed to stand out.

The Most Rising Cryptocurrencies in the Top 100 of the Week

1- Trust Wallet (TWT)

TWT posted a 33 percent growth this week and its price came in at $1.62. The current market volume is at the level of 298 million dollars.

2- dYdX (DYDX)

One of the cryptocurrencies that attracted attention with its rise this week was dYdX. DYDX, whose price was $ 1.95 at the beginning of the week, increased its transaction price to $ 2.37 with 22.8 percent growth this week. The market volume is close to 380 million dollars.

3- Pax Gold (PAXG)

There have been no steady rises this week after FTX, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced its resignation application. The price of gold-backed PAXG, which achieved a growth of 3.7 percent this week, rose to $ 1,720.

4- Tether Gold (XAUT)

XAUT, another gold-backed cryptocurrency, grew by 2.5 percent and rose to $1,743. The current market volume is close to 160 million dollars.

5- Frax (FRAX)

The price of Frax, which has a trade volume of close to $ 17 million, grew by 0.3 percent in this week’s crisis environment. We have seen that some stablecoins are depegs. Frax was also one of the cryptocurrencies that resisted the market conditions.

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