As of Monday, January 10, 2022, CoinMarketCap data shows the total market capitalization of the unique token (nonfungible token, NFT) ecosystem as $22,971,943.

According to CryptoSlam data, the total amount of sales made during the month on NFT protocols is at the level of $1,156,609,418.

Total amount spent in dollars in sales and the number of unique buyers.

Sales Unique Buyers

The most valuable NFT tokens in 24 hours


As of Monday, January 10, 2022, the most valued NFT token in the last 24 hours was Muse DAO (MUSE) with 41.9 percent. While the total market cap of the protocol reached $45,337,821, 1 Muse DAO (MUSE) started changing hands at $53.03.

The second most valuable NFT token in 24 hours was recorded as XMON (XMON) with an increase of 34.0 percent. XMON (XMON) is trading at $69,077.13. Epic Prime (EPIK) protocol, which has risen by 32.6 percent, is at the level of $ 0.221234.

According to the shared data, Decentral Games (DG), which has increased by 20.1 percent, is $ 0.443053, and Rainicorn (RAINI) protocol, which has increased by 18.0 percent, is traded at $ 0.121405.

NFT tokens that lost the most in 24 hours

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According to the shared data, when we look at the declining names of the unique token (NFT) industry within 24 hours, the Magic (MAGIC) token, whose total market value was calculated as $83,042,005 and decreased by 7.8 percent, is trading at $2.91.

Niftyx Protocol (SHROOM), which fell by 6.7 percent, found buyers at $ 0.326838, while Ovr (OVR), which lost 4.7 percent, was at $ 2.28.

Also in the data, Dope Wars Paper (PAPER) token, which decreased by 4.4 percent, changed hands at $0.02143174, while Chain Guardians (CGG), which declined by 4.3 percent, found buyers at $0.682756.