In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there are ways to generate income other than buying and selling a coin or token, and one of them is airdrops.

Projects offer their own cryptocurrencies or NFTs by organizing airdrops to people who have previously used the platform, their loyal followers or randomly selected people. Thus, both a community is created and a different income path is opened.

Lark Davis, one of the popular names in the market, also shared the projects that have recently attracted his attention and organized airdrops.

MetaMask Lark Davis


MetaMask, a crypto wallet, announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency soon, and it is known that an airdrop will be organized for people who use the wallet. Metamask is basically known as an Ethereum wallet, but other blockchains in the wallet can also be used for transaction. According to the statements made, anyone who downloads the wallet and uses the Metamask Swap feature will benefit from the airdrop. However, for now, details such as detailed information and how many tokens will be sent to whom have not been disclosed.

Terra Lark Davis

OpenSea and Arbitrum

The second airdrop that the analyst mentioned is OpenSea. OpenSea sees a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to the statements made, users who use OpenSea and follow the news every week will be able to benefit from the airdrop. On the other hand, Arbitrum is the second most popular layer scaling solution for Ethereum that is most used and adopted. Arbitrum is actually using Ethereum to pay for gas fees on the Arbitrary Network, and it is rumored that they will do an airdrop. According to the statements made, it is stated that people who use Arbitrum, make transactions over the Arbitrary Network using UniSwap in Arbitrar, and use Curve Finance and Arbitrary will be eligible for the airdrop.

Terra Luna Lark Davis

Terra and Cosmos

The last two airdrops that the analyst mentioned are Terra (LUNA) and Cosmos (ATOM). Terra and Cosmos regularly hold airdrops for users who stake their assets. At this point, it is stated that is involved. In other words, according to the statements made, airdrops are regularly held for users who stake LUNA or ATOM on this platform. Considering all these, airdrops can be described as tokens that projects distribute for free. At this point, of course, the amount of token you receive, the price of the token or the future of the token determine your earnings.