Top 20 European-based VCs Investing in Web3 Projects

Coin98 Analytics has released data on the top 20 European-based venture capital firms investing in Web3 coin projects. The list includes some of the most prominent names in the industry, including Outlier Ventures, Fabric Ventures, and Moonrock Capital.

Web3 is the next phase of the evolution of the internet focused on decentralization, privacy and security. Web3 coin projects aim to empower users and create a more open and fair online environment. Thus, the increased interest in Web3 leads to an increase in venture capital investment in related projects.

Outlier Ventures tops the list with its investments in more than 50 Web3 coin projects, including Arweave (AR), Chainlink (LINK), and Cosmos (ATOM). ZBS Capital, which is known for its investments in decentralized finance such as Near Protocol (NEAR), Nexus (NXS), comes second in the list. Fabric Ventures, known for its investments in the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem, comes in third place. Among the investments of Fabric Ventures, 1inch Network (1INCH) draws attention.

Also on the list are firms such as 1kx, which invests in early-stage Web3 coin projects, and Moonrock Capital, which focuses on blockchain-based gaming and metaverse projects. Other notable names on the list are CoinShares, a crypto asset management firm, and Blockchain.com, a leading cryptocurrency wallet provider. Among the invested Web3 coins are Boson Protocol, CERE Network, Celo, Yield Guild Games, Acala Network, dydX, Vega Protocol, STEPN and Illuvuim.

The report highlights the growing interest in Web3 projects and the importance of venture capital investment in the industry. It also shows the diversity of Web3 coin projects and the variety of investment opportunities available. The data is compiled from publicly available information and covers investments made by these firms in Web3 coin projects from 2017 to 2021. The report is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and investors interested in the Web3 space and provides insight into the most active investors in the industry.

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