Tokyu Railways Partners with Astar Network For NFT

Astar Network, chosen by Tokyu Railways, one of the largest railway companies in Japan, for its NFTs, attracts great attention among NFT enthusiasts.

Japan’s largest railway company has started offering its NFTs on the Primer Network. Announcing the news on Twitter, Sonata Wantanabe, co-founder and CEO of Astar, announced that more than 6,000 NFTs were purchased in just one day.

“from today. In a day, more than 6000 NFT (new addresses) are distributed. Look at the queue, In the near future, Japanese people will own NFTs issued on Astar without knowing Astar and backend.”

The limited number of NFTs were distributed free of charge at the opening only, causing long queues at Shin-Yokohama Station. Strong interest points to widespread adoption of NFTs in the country, with people queuing up to grab NFTs. The rise in the liner (ASTR) price indicates that the altcoin network is also gaining trust among users.

Primer (ASTR) is a decentralized infrastructure that enables developers to build new Blockchain applications. The partnership with Tokyu Railways was part of Astar’s initiative to run Web3 initiatives in Tokyo. According to a recent report, Astar has partnered with Shibuya, a popular Tokyo district, to run its Web3 initiatives in the region.

With the recent rise in popularity of NFTs around the world, Astar’s partnership with Shibuya and Tokyu Railways shows that Japan is not far behind in embracing this new trend. This move is expected to lead to more collaborations between Blockchain companies and traditional Japanese companies in the future.

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