American investor Tim Draper recently interviewed one of the famous crypto influencers, Scott Melker. Last year, Draper, who predicted that the Bitcoin (BTC) price will reach $250,000 by the end of 2022, repeated this prediction. Also, the famous investor added that more women will start using Bitcoin (BTC).

“Suddenly all women will have Bitcoin wallets and buy things with Bitcoin,” said Tim Draper.

“Retailers do not yet realize that they can save 2 percent by accepting Bitcoin (BTC) instead of bank-issued credit cards,” Draper said.

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As we reported earlier, Draper predicted that Bitcoin would reach $250,000 by early 2023. Draper correctly predicted that Bitcoin would reach $10,000 by 2018. On the other hand, considering that Bitcoin is trading at $ 29,227 at the time of publication, the probability of the prediction to be successful seems low.

Bitcoin Is In A Bull Trap

Cryptocurrency analyst Capo states that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency market are in a bull trap.

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Analyst Capo explains that he predicts a sharp decline in the bear market target of $21,000 to $23,000 after Bitcoin received immediate support. In the early days of May, the cryptocurrency analyst correctly predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) would push to a key psychological price level of $30,000.

Capo now shared the levels he expects for Bitcoin (BTC) with his followers on his Twitter account:

   “BTC has broken the $30,000 support point, which is the main axis of the bull run. This is not just the zone, the level. It is between $29k and $31,000 taking all the wicks. It is currently testing that area as resistance.”

Capo also highlights that Bitcoin has left a bear flag formation and is moving towards its bear market target.