Ethereum price has gained more than 12% in the last 24 hours and managed to climb above $1200. Behind this price increase is the meeting of Ethereum developers yesterday and the roadmap described here.

At the meeting where the steps to be taken before the Merge were discussed, Tim Beiko from the Ethereum Foundation showed September 19 as the target day. There was no objection to this offer of Beiko, which organizes meetings between Ethereum developers and provides information about important update processes.

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The Ethereum developer, known as superphiz.eth on Twitter, stated that the decisions are exciting, but that this day should be viewed as a roadmap and planning rather than a firm date.

As it will be remembered, Vitalik Buterin also pointed out the summer months for Merge, which has been delayed for years, but stated that the update could be postponed to October or even November in case of various delays.

On the other hand, these developments brought an increase in the price of Ethereum and the use of decentralized finance applications. While the second largest cryptocurrency managed to rise above $ 1200, taking strength from the general rise in the market, the value of locked assets in DeFi applications running on Ethereum also exceeded $ 47.7 billion. The total value of locked assets is also over $76 billion.

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On the other hand, Tim Beiko objected to the comments that the developers were not under pressure on Unification and used the following statements:

   "At the last meeting, I was specifically told about Unification that the developers are under a lot of stress. Everyone has a feeling that they need to hurry. Too much pressure pushes teams to make mistakes or make worse decisions than they did. We don't want to be in that situation."

As it will be remembered, the "difficulty bomb" was delayed with the "Gray glacier" update last month. The difficulty bomb is intended to oppose the actions of PoW miners on Ethereum to block the PoS transition and make Proof-of-Work mining impossible by making mining calculations even more difficult. On June 30, the difficulty bomb was extended for another 100 days, considering that the PoS migration would not be possible until mid-September.