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Three Analysts Are Very Hopeful For Solana

While Bitcoin and Ethereum, the numbers one and two in the crypto market, were on the ground, 3 analysts made very hopeful predictions for Solana.

  • Senior analyst Cantering Clark tells his 149,500 Twitter followers that Solana is in a position to rally towards its target after several months of consolidating in the accumulation phase and breaking through its cross-resistance. According to the analyst, there are many reasons why Solana’s price is gaining momentum. Technical data also point to an uptrend. SOL is currently trading at $34.50. The analyst points out that $40 is possible in the short term.
  • Another crypto strategist, Inmortal, is also optimistic about Solana. The expert shared a chart with his 180,000 Twitter followers suggesting that SOL is likely ready to hit its $50 target.
  • The analyst, known in the market as Altcoin Sherpa, also thinks Solana is poised for a massive rally in the coming weeks. According to the analyst, it is possible that we can see $ 40 in the coming weeks.

The Solana network stands out with its processing speed. Solana processes more than 4,200 transactions per second. But Solana’s architecture allows it to potentially handle 65,000 transactions per second. Solana is also making significant achievements in the NFT industry. According to CryptoSlam, over the past 30 days, Solana has become the second largest blockchain by NFT sales volume. Solana has big plans to grow in the payments space and lead the development of mobile crypto. The company launched Solana Pay earlier this year. This is a payment system built on Solana. Solana Pay allows a business and its customers to avoid middlemen. This means that the fees are less than a cent. One month after its launch, Solana Pay managed to attract nearly 600 businesses. Of course, Solana Pay is still far from surpassing well-known payment systems such as Visa or Paypal. However, it can achieve great success in the long run.

On the other hand, Solana says it will start selling its own Saga cell phone next year. The phone’s system will be connected to the Solana blockchain. The phone will be specifically focused on cryptocurrencies, making transactions even easier. Solana has already made a build framework available to developers. This means they’ve already created experiences specifically designed for use in Saga.

Its ventures in payments and mobile could further drive SOL adoption. If Solana makes some headway in these areas, she could reach new heights in her next bull run.

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