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“This Stablecoin Will Not Be Unstable”

While the USDN, the Waves stablecoin, which has been seriously deteriorated to $ 1 in recent days and went down to $ 0.58, still has not recovered, a statement came from the ecosystem founder Sasha Ivanov. Ivanov said in a statement on his Twitter account that he will issue a new stablecoin.

Ivanov did not share details about the new stablecoin, but said, “I will issue a new stablecoin. It will be a stablecoin that includes measures against what happened in USDN.” The Waves founder also answered questions from Twitter and said, “This stablecoin will not be out of balance,” after one of his followers wrote, “The last thing we need is stablecoins that are constantly getting out of balance.”

Responding to the comments that Waves will be the new LUNA, Ivanov commented, “There is no similarity between LUNA and Waves.” Ivanov also responded to meaningful messages like Do kwon to look for plane tickets to other destinations via Dubai by saying, “I am already in Dubai right now.”

As it will be remembered, Waves experienced great increases in April last year, but fell similarly in a short time. Ivanov, on the other hand, blamed the bankrupt Alameda company, whose transactions are still controversial today. Sam Bankman-Fried, on the other hand, responded to Ivanov’s allegations by calling them “Bullshit”. Ivanov also stated that the FTX exchange demanded $ 1.5 million from them in exchange for the listing of Waves.

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