SAND opens its meta world to players

The sandbox ecosystem is popular with NFT designers and gamers who connect, share and monetize their games on the platform. The platform's native token, SAND, came to the fore with the price explosion earlier this week. This is because of the metaverse launch, which was announced after completing four years of development. The platform partners with Crypto Kitties, Sheep, Atari, and Shaun to create play-to-win games on Sandbox's metadatabase. The launch of Sandbox Alpha is scheduled for November 29, this event will run for 3 weeks. Players can participate in Sandbox's play-to-win games via Alpha Pass, an NFT ticket that gives access to the exclusive launch event.

Analysts have a $5 target for the metaverse coin

Sandbox's native token has left Bitcoin's footsteps and rallied about 75% solo last week. SAND reached the ATH level of $4.64 earlier today. Metaverse coin supporters think that in the current bull run, capital has returned from Bitcoin to metaverse tokens.


In the days before the launch event on November 29, analysts predicted that SAND would exceed $5 and enter price discovery. Cryptocurrency analysts at “Mind Math Monkey,” a YouTube channel, believe that SAND will surpass $5 in the ongoing bull run.