“This is a Decentralized System and People Will Decide Its Fate”

Charles Hoskinson said in his Youtube broadcast that the Ripple-SEC lawsuit could end in the coming days and the result could bring a disaster to the market.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson made interesting statements on his Youtube channel. Expressing that he heard some rumors that the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC could end on December 15, Hoskinson said that the outcome is likely to bring disaster to the crypto market. Stating that regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, this will have a short-term impact on the crypto money market, Hoskinson used the following statements:

“I have heard some rumors that the Ripple lawsuit will end on December 15. The outcome could have disastrous consequences for the market. However, this will not affect our view of the future. Regardless, it’s a decentralized system and people will decide what happens. You will decide. The US will not make this decision. You will decide whether Cardano will live too, not any country. This is the importance of decentralization… We will continue to work on our side to make the protocol better.”

Hoskinson, who also answered questions in the Youtube live broadcast, said the following about FTX and its CEO SBF:

“I think he should go to jail but this stuff is political and you see what’s going on. Things don’t always go right. Politics and the media are also involved. You can also see the state of Block, who is making negative news about us.”

As it will be remembered, it was revealed in the information that emerged on Friday evening that the CEO of The Block news site received financial support from SBF and bought a house for himself with this money. CEO Michael McCaffrey resigned after the news.

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