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This Altcoin Is Partnering With Google

With the Google ecosystem’s Google Cloud program, Aptos Labs said they are again expanding their partnership. It has also been firmly announced that Google Cloud will run a validator on the Aptos blockchain ecosystem. Along with the announced collaboration, Aptos will enable Google Cloud to be selected as the infrastructure provider of choice for the Aptos blockchain. In addition, there will be an accelerator program that supports Aptos developers through Web3 initiatives with the Aptos Foundation. Finally, there will be a developer hackathon in the altcoin project Aptos. The statement made by the Altcoin project included the following statements:

“Exactly three weeks after Aptos’ Mainnet launch, the partnership with Google Cloud demonstrates how much the network and ecosystem has expanded in such a short time.”

In a post made by the official blog page of the Aptos ecosystem; “This is just the beginning” was announced. In addition, the following statements were included on the blog page:

“Aptos is user-friendly for innovators. It creates a developer-first build experience for the consumer to develop existing applications more efficiently and in a more enjoyable way. We are excited to partner with Google Cloud to support the expansion of our community and bring our mission to life.”

Also, as part of the collaboration, Aptos Labs will now begin using Google Cloud for its internal development operations. However, Google Cloud will work with Google Cloud to support making it the primary place of choice for the developer community to run Aptos nodes and dApps (decentralized applications). The altcoin project Aptos, which experienced a serious rise after its first launch, realized its ATH with $ 13.73 on October 19th.

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