Although Ripple (XRP) is still in the midst of a lawsuit, it is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalization of approximately US$35 billion.

Daniel Da Costa, one of The Motley Fool analysts, stated that XRP has already grown a lot and there are still dangers such as litigation, and said that there are two altcoin projects that can outperform XRP.

The First Altcoin on Costa's List is Tezos (XTZ).

Tezos is a promising smart contract compatible blockchain network. But what gives it so much potential is that it can upgrade its technology autonomously. This is a huge advantage because it can help eliminate the need for a hard fork. If enough XTZ owners want to implement a change, the change can be voted on and updated on its own.

tezos xtz

Word of Tezos' impressive technology and continuous improvement ability is spreading rapidly. Many well-known companies and organizations have already signed up as partners. Even popular clothing company Gap has recently launched NFTs on altcoin Tezos. For all these reasons, Tezos is one of the main candidates if you are looking for a cryptocurrency that can outperform XRP, no matter the case with Ripple.

Another altcoin that is expected to outperform XRP, according to Costa, is Polygon (MATIC).

Polygon is another smart contract compatible blockchain network very similar to Tezos. Polygon was originally built as a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Therefore, while awaiting Ethereum upgrades and dealing with a fairly congested network, Matic's recovery potential is pretty high.


Most of the dApps and other DeFi altcoin projects running on Ethereum are now available on Polygon. It is also a possibility that it will be used for tips and payments, as it usually costs less than a cent to send the MATIC. According to the analyst, this is another reason for MATIC to outperform Ripple.

Finally, Daniel Da Costa, one of The Motley Fool analysts, said the following about MATIC and XTZ.

   “If you're looking to buy a high-quality altcoin that you can hold for years, I think MATIC offers a lot more growth opportunity than XRP. If Ripple wins the lawsuit filed by the SEC, the XRP price could definitely go up. But, Ripple might lose the case too. That makes it still today. It makes it a risky investment. Therefore, I believe MATIC and XTZ are much better investments in the long run.”