Cryptocurrency markets have been in the grip of declines lately, and this downward trend has been going on since November 2021. However, since the downward trend in the markets showed itself in slight movements, these declines were spread over a long term.

In the week we left behind, the declines accelerated and Bitcoin (BTC) fell below the level of 27 thousand dollars in this process. While the huge collapses in the Terra and LUNA ecosystem increased the concerns in the markets, the recovery movements that started to show themselves on Friday, May 13, started to give way to decreases again at the weekend.

Cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin (BTC) also experienced decreases today. In this process, these two Ethereum (ETH)-based altcoins overturned this downtrend and made their investors smile.

Chain Xcn

Chain (XCN) is up about 30% this week, from $0.071 to as high as $0.091. At the time of writing, XCN is trading at $0.086. In fact, looking at the historical data, it is seen that XCN can reach as high as $ 0.11 on April 18. However, with the general decline of cryptos and the effect of traditional markets, XCN had regressed to price values ​​of $ 0.07 until a week ago.

Although cryptos are in a general decline, XCN is able to correct its price and is showing an increase especially today. It is also important at this point that XCN is available on Binance Smart Chain this week.


Flex (FLEX), the native token of CoinFLEX, a Hong Kong-based futures exchange platform, has been performing roughly the same as XCN this week, posting a 33% gain. In this period when cryptos are bleeding and cannot recover, FLEX is trading at $4.71 at the time of writing, after rising from $3.72 to $4.95.

In addition, in this period when stablecoins are controversial, it is seen that CoinFLEX's stablecoin flexUSD deteriorated and rose to $ 1.09, then fell to $ 0.93. However, flexUSD corrects the situation and regains its $1 stable.