Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe has more than 620,000 Twitter followers, despite the strong rally of smart contract platform EOS (EOS) in recent days, but still under his radar Blockchain scaling solution Polygon (MATIC) and giant cryptocurrency exchange Binance. in said utility token BNB was found. Van de Poppe said:

   “It looks like EOS is one of the strongest players lately. To be honest, I think I will focus on MATIC and BNB when it comes to trends. BNB is moving super strong and the BTC trading pair continues to work. As soon as DXY shows weakness, they will most likely go up.”

Michael Van de Poppe-1

DXY is an important index that tracks the value of the US dollar against a basket of other fiat currencies. According to Van de Poppe, DXY will maintain its uptrend look as long as it stays above the 108 level:

   "All eyes are on the expectation that the US dollar will stay below 108 again because we have a fake exit. Otherwise, the trend will turn strongly up and risk assets will suffer more."

Analyzing the TOTAL chart, which reflects the value of the entire cryptocurrency market, Van de Poppe claimed that despite the recent weakness in the cryptocurrency markets, the bullish thesis remained intact:

   "The total market cap of cryptocurrencies is still falling fast to make a higher bottom. It may touch $900-925 billion for confirmation. The script works flawlessly."


Van de Poppe, who also evaluated the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin, argued that BTC made another corrective move in accordance with the rising bottoms scenario predicted for the TOTAL chart, and argued that it is very close to the final bottom:

   “There is a deep correction in the markets, but cryptocurrencies remain relatively stable. Sweeping the bottoms once again is not unexpected and I think we are still relatively close to the bottom.”