According to the Bloomberg report, September is considered one of the worst months for Bitcoin. While analysts expect more corrections in BTC, some altcoins may be in the headlines with their updates.

The Merge update of Ethereum (ETH) is expected to move the market in this process. Apart from ETH, the two altcoins are counting the days for their updates. Cosmos' (ATOM) 'Cosmoverse' conference will take place from September 26-28. During these dates, the project will take important steps towards numerous enhancements, updates and increasing cross-chain security. The announcement via Twitter has already caused a short-term rally for ATOM. ATOM price has risen more than 100% since hitting local bottom in June.

Cosmos Atom

Another project that should be watched closely in September is Arbitrum. Arbitrum is a blockchain network that serves to scale applications built on Ethereum and lower fees. The Arbitrum ecosystem is gearing up for various updates in early September with the launch of Arbitrum Nitro, which further reduces transaction and operation fees. The developers will also provide the community with more information about the ARBI token, which will increase the size and functionality of the Arbitrum ecosystem and bring more uses.


The main focus of the cryptocurrency market remains Merge. According to experts, the update may have an impact on the ETH price in the long run. CPI Data and FOMC meeting (September 21-22) in September will continue to be the determining factors for the market. In addition to numerous partnerships, updates and burns, the market will certainly still be under the influence of macroeconomic conditions. Merge will ultimately affect Ethereum's price performance. However, Bitcoin and ETH are not responding to positive developments in the bear market.

eth merge

Fed Chairman Powell stated that the fight against inflation will continue until the end. While the Bitcoin price has dropped more than 60% this year, Ethereum has managed to rise over the past few weeks. The recent increase in ETH price has been correlated with the Merge update. The cryptocurrency market is going through a tough time due to the Fed's hawkish stance. Selling pressure caused by macroeconomic conditions caused Bitcoin to drop below $20,000. According to experts, the determining factor at this point remains the Fed's monetary policy.