While Bitcoin and the general cryptocurrency market went red, Mini Game (MINIGAME), Squidanomics (SQUID) and Knight War The Holy Trio (MRE) drew attention with their rises.

The altcoin called Mini Game (MINIGAME) has risen as much as 80 percent. Launched in December 2021, MiniGame is a community-focused token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project serves to bring together Metaverse games on BSC, similar to the popular platform Steam. The team behind the project is the catalyst behind the momentum of the project, which is comprised of participants who raised Shibazilla from a market cap of $100,000 to $58 million.

MiniGame to USD Chart

Second, an altcoin named Squidanomics (SQUID) gained 210 percent. Launched in October 2021, Squidanomics is a Squid Games-themed BSC project featuring a Metaverse game that allows users to earn rewards just for holding SQUID tokens. Squidanomics also has a Squid Shooter game that allows users to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and discover valuable rewards such as NFTs and token airdrops.

Squidanomics to USD Chart

Finally, Knight War The Holy Trio (MRE) is up 220 percent. Released on January 15, 2022, Knight War: The Holy Trio is the world's first blockchain-based flat defense game. According to their statement, it is built on BSC with plans to migrate to the Polygon network when its user base grows. Knight War: The Holy Trio is an ARPG with automatic combat mechanics.

Knight War The Holy Trio to USD Chart-2