These Altcoins Pass Ethereum On This Metric

Cardano’s developer activity was measured at three times that of the leading altcoin Ethereum.

According to information released on Twitter by Santiment-powered GitHub analytics tool ProofofGithub, Cardano has tripled Ethereum in GitHub development activities, leading the weekly development activity among all popular assets.

Cryptocurrency influencer and host of the NFT Alpha Show, Deezy, underlined the metric while commenting on ProofofGithub’s statement late Friday. “Cardano has 3x the GitHub activity of Ethereum,” he said in a tweet.

Data from the statement confirms this metric, with Cardano topping the list with 1,116 GitHub development activities last week. Meanwhile, Ethereum ranked fifth with only 363 weekly developments.

It seems that Cardano has been way ahead of all other crypto assets in terms of development activity over the past week, which indicates a tremendous scale of development. The increasing number of development activities counteracts the claims that the network is a ghost chain and eases abandonment concerns.

Blockchain analytics platform Coin98 had placed Cardano in the second place after Ethereum in the number of active developers in mid-October. According to Coin98, Cardano had around 139 development activity participants at the time of analysis.

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