“There Are Symbiotic Spaces Between Crypto and AI”

Kraken has chosen Vishnu Patankar as their new CTO. The new CTO made statements about what artificial intelligence can add to the crypto industry. Patankar drew attention to what artificial intelligence brings.

Kraken CTO Vishnu Patankar says in a blog post that it is difficult to ignore the growing influence of artificial intelligence and major language models, and attention should be paid to areas where these technologies can be applied in the crypto industry.

By addressing some of the differences between AI and crypto, Patankar states that they would like to see which business models move forward on their journey to revenue generation and growth with these technologies. Patankar also states that areas such as personalization, fraud prevention and cybersecurity are “symbiotic areas” between crypto and artificial intelligence.

Patankar also says that artificial intelligence and crypto can explore by processing large amounts of data, and quantum computing in computer science and physics has significant potential. He emphasizes that one area where he is even more excited is quantum computing, and how this technology can interact in factoring large numbers.

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