The World’s First NFT Biennial Begins in 2023

Bringing together art and innovation with a global understanding of digitalization, technology and creativity, NFT Biennial aims to bring art lovers from all over the globe together with the art of the future. The event, which aims to establish strong ties between the traditional art world and the NFT ecosystem, will allow participants to experience art in both the physical world and the metaverse at the same time.

“With a three-dot question mark, The Catharsis of a Bizarre Prophecy lets you imagine happiness beyond measure and contemplate a new portrait of the familiar and the unknown. The NFT Biennial is an invitation to create a poetic human form in an abstract digital universe that we might perhaps call our true home.”

The event will take place during January-February 2023 with exhibitions held in 10 different capitals and the metaverse. The cities where the event will take place are as follows: Istanbul (Zorlu PSM and X Media Art Museum), Brussels (Art Loi 66), Berlin (TZ Connect), London (Artsect Gallery), Amsterdam (WIHH Gallery), Los Angeles (Vellum LA), Ichinomiya /Japan (Noko Giri), Bogota (Rincon Projects), Tokyo and Singapore (UltraSuperNew Gallery).

During the event, attendees will be able to tour both the metaverse and the physical exhibition via screens and projections, watch art performances, and participate in more than 25 hybrid panels on art and NFTs in select pop-up exhibition spaces. The event is aimed to be an unforgettable “phygital” experience for the participants.

The event, where participation will be free to reach the maximum number of art lovers, is held with the contributions of more than 100 artists, a curator team of 10, a number of intellectual advisors from the NFT community, and global partners such as The Sandbox and Spatial.

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