Wakanda Inu has become the newest player in the cryptocurrency market, with the first token sale on November 6, 2021. Its creators are trying to establish it as a core asset that delivers real-world benefits, especially for global nonprofits.

Financial analysts are hesitant about the viability of this new token. While the decentralized exchange in Africa and Asia has achieved good trading in Pancakeswap and 11 other markets, cryptocurrency investors may hesitate to mine for the meme token due to its inherently parodic nature. Sabii, one of the leading African exchanges of Amber JC Lou Integrated Limited, will list WKD as soon as it is approved by its representatives.

Wakanda inu

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a new way of community trading. Working on blockchain technology, the purpose of cryptocurrencies was to give power back to ordinary people. This was because of its decentralized nature, which allowed full transparency in every single transaction.

Users are assured of significantly reduced fraud risk, as tokens are issued and traded by a single regulatory body. Developers of other tokens began to emerge, including parody meme tokens featuring popular internet avatars like the Doge or The Black Panther and his hometown of Wakanda. Still, the Wakanda Inu has found solid support among high-risk investors. At launch, it created a diluted market cap of over $300 million with $80,000 WKD holders in just one week and is growing fast.

Wakanda inu Wkd

The creators of the new token believe that its initial success was not a one-time event and expect the market to increase its viability in the next few months, especially as the token adopts a 4% smart contract that supports various charities. According to its whitepaper, $WKD started as a community meme project that represents every person's daily struggles and aspirations. By embodying the spirit of community, or in this case Wakanda, the icon aspires to bring together people of diverse backgrounds under one united flag.