The whale who bought Ether at $0.3 transferred it

The exchange transfers of two Ether whales did not escape the attention of blockchain followers. A whale transferred 8 thousand ETH worth $13.2 million to the Binance exchange. When the past transactions of this whale are examined, it is seen that he sent approximately 12 thousand Ether ($20 million) to Binance in the last 20 days.

Another large asset owner like this whale also made a significant stock market transfer. A whale who participated in the Ethereum ICO and had 254 thousand ETH with a current value of $422 million sent 6000 ETH worth $10 million to Kraken. This whale managed to buy Ether for $0.3.

The Ethereum ICO, held in July and August 2014, is considered one of the most important events in the cryptocurrency world. In the sale, one of crypto’s largest crowdfunding, the Ethereum Foundation sold 60 million Ether tokens in exchange for Bitcoin. After these sales, awareness of Ethereum increased in the cryptocurrency world and a serious mass was formed for the second largest cryptocurrency. Another whale, which has been sleeping for 2 years, added a new one to the transfers it has been making for 4 days. The whale, which distributed 10 thousand Ether to Binance, OKX and Kucoin exchanges in the last 4 days, transferred a new 10 thousand Ether to a new address today.

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