The Whale, Sleeping for 1.6 Years, Collects These Altcoins

It can be seen that the rises in the crypto money sector have been more dominant recently. While the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) was on the rise, the withdrawal of BTC dominance led to significant rises in altcoins.

Whales, on the other hand, have been buying altcoins for a long time. While small crypto investors are impatiently selling altcoins, whales are collecting altcoins at cheap prices in the process. According to the information provided by Look On-Chain, a successful data provider, a whale that has not made any sales or purchases for 1.6 years has taken action as of today. The whale, which has been dormant for 1.6 years, bought the following altcoins from Binance:

  • 450,881 ARBs (worth 504 thousand dollars)
  • 260,961 OPs (worth 350 thousand dollars)
  • 30,313 ENS (worth 275 thousand dollars)

Although whales have shown great interest in ARB and OP in the last period, this whale seems to have bought it in ENS. The whale, which sent 2 million USDT to the Binance exchange immediately after the above purchases, seems to continue its new altcoin purchases.

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