The Smurfs Join Metaverse Game The Winkyverse

A warm, friendly and accessible land that appeals to all audiences, including adults, children and families, The Winkyverse is a multiplayable quest game where Humans and Nature can coexist harmoniously, with education and fun in equal measure.

The universe’s dedication to nature conservation has led The Winkyverse and Mainbot to follow the same principles in their development activities and operations. These principles include developing the use of the future blockchain, which is as carbon neutral as possible, establishing an ethics committee to oversee the metaverse experience, and finally establishing a foundation that will donate 2 percent of The Winkyverse’s profits to organizations focused on the environment, education and child development.

The Smurfs, iconic, small and blue characters created by Peyo, will celebrate their 65th anniversary in 2023. Known for their education-based values, the Smurfs have served as a tool to spread joy, positivity, teamwork spirit and ecological awareness for years. The smurfs who entered the Metaverse in 2020 continue their journey as the first partner of a land in Pomokata, the first living community in The Winkyverse. The fact that the Smurfs own land represents the beginning of a collaboration that is not only playful and creative, but also responsible.

The Smurfs’ arrival in The Winkyverse is part of another big upcoming event: the first public land sales on kick off on November 22 at 20:00 Turkish time. In the private sale held last September, 50 percent of the lands offered for sale were sold within an hour. This time, land sales will be made with fiat money (card payments in traditional currencies such as euros or dollars) or WNK tokens (the virtual currency used in the game).

“The Smurfs exemplify the values ​​we seek to create in the in-game experience, such as collaboration, mutual respect, and a willingness to learn,” said Boris Kesler, CEO of Mainbot. The entry of this famous brand, known and loved around the world, into the metaverse is an important step in the development of The Winkyverse. In addition, being able to use fiat money as a payment method will make the metaverse even more accessible,” he explained.

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