The Rise of PEPE Coin Continues

The last popular crypto asset of the joke-themed crypto money category, which emerged with Dogecoin in the crypto money industry and became the industry, emerged as PEPE coin. PEPE coin, which became one of the most sought-after crypto assets last week, also recorded a significant rise. Emerging as a new meme coin with plenty of zeros, PEPE has seen an increase in value of more than 450% as it rose from its price in the $0.00000025 band last week to $0.00000145 in a short time.

This surge in popularity caught on the radar of blockchain research firm Nansen, drawing attention to the platform as one of the most sought-after cryptoassets last week. Some analysts, on the other hand, warn against the rapidly rising crypto asset and think that the rising transaction volumes may be temporary and that it is necessary to be careful in investments to be made before the crypto money price has formed a basis.

Continuing to attract attention in the crypto markets, PEPE continued to rise, especially with the listing news of OKX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The decision of a major crypto exchange like OKX to list PEPE has prompted some investors to think that PEPE could have significant potential in the meme coin market.

The success of being listed on an exchange with a high trading volume such as OKX in a short time was interpreted as an important turning point, and then the eyes were turned to Binance. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao was asked about the PEPE listing at a Q&A he attended recently. While expressing that it will be looked at whether the high trading volumes for the popular altcoin of recent days will be permanent, CZ left the door open for listing, but said that he did not have a decision at this point.

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