The bank's analysts believe this understanding of virtual reality has garnered significant attention from companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft trying to grasp it. Some of these companies are already using this technology.

Metaverse is a concept that involves the construction of an alternative universe where individuals can model their images as they wish, buy and sell things, play games and perform other social activities just like in the real world.


The concept has already been grasped by companies trying to create their own approach. Facebook has been renamed Meta to reflect this new focus, and Microsoft has announced that it will also add metaverse-themed elements to its products starting next year. Morgan Stanley strategist Edward Stanley talked about how the metaverse could completely change our understanding of socialization.

Stanley noted that more and more companies are working hard to integrate these activities and metaverse elements into their projects. He mentioned that there is already profit from this new trend of the market, including technology and game shares, game universes such as Roblox, and said that companies give much more importance to metaverse projects than they give to any technology.

It should not be forgotten that we are still at the very beginning of this technology. There are many years ahead of us for the Metaverse universe to fully appear. Technology giant companies must cooperate with each other in order to make maximum use of the metaverse universe and to make a profit.


These universes will only be fully operational when the infrastructure is in place where users can seamlessly move their experiences and avatars from one platform or universe to another. At the same time, Morgan Stanley Bank`s research shows that the USA, China and South Korea companies are the countries that invest the most in metaverse technology. It is obvious that the future of Metaverse projects is very clear and it is very likely that many new technology companies will get a share of the cake by investing in such projects.