The Most Rising Cryptocurrencies of the Week “In the Top 100”

The mobility brought about by the FTX crisis maintains its presence in the market. With the spread of the effects of the crisis and the making of new updates, some cryptocurrencies come to the fore.

1- Celo (CELO)

Mobile-focused blockchain Celo announced its partnership with Ethereum software firm ConsenSys last week. CELO, which had a rise at that time, continued its success with a growth of 34.5 percent this week. Its current price is at $0.701.

2- Fantom (FTM)

Fantom developers are keen to reduce the protocol’s current FTM token burn rate from 20 percent to 5 percent. It also wants to reach a common denominator regarding gas fees for dApp developers. Attracting attention, FTM has grown by 30 percent this week and its price is $0.24.

3- GMX (GMX)

After the FTX crisis, the transition to decentralized exchanges increased. GMX is one of them and it is preferred by users for reasons such as better performance. GMX, which managed to get ahead of its closest competitors, recorded a growth of 22.6 percent this week. Its current price is $52.9.

4- Trust Wallet (TWT)

Confidence problems experienced after the liquidity crisis open the doors of rise for TWT. Cryptocurrency wallet platform Trust Wallet has grown by 22.9 percent this week, with its price rising to $2.43.

5- Rocket Pool (RPL)

After Coinbase shared about adding RPL to its roadmap, there was some activity in the tok. RPL, which started rally during the week, rose to $ 20.98. With a total growth of 19.8 percent, its current price is $ 20.19.

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