According to the joint report of Keychain Ventures and Cointelegraph; In 2022, the amount of investment in crypto companies reached $ 29 billion. In 2021, the amount of investment made in companies operating in the crypto industry was determined as $ 29 billion.

In the report, which details the investment made in the cryptocurrency industry, the weight is in the DeFi sector, which receives 16 percent of the total investment. CeFi attracted 14 percent investment, while the investment rate in the NFT sector was 13 percent.

altcoin investments from institutional investors

The company providing the highest financing in 2022 was Andreessen Horowitz, which raised $2.2 billion in funds and reached a capital value of $4.5 billion. The research on investments in the crypto industry also emphasizes that venture capital companies are now more meticulous to protect themselves from security vulnerabilities when investing in the sector.

In the crypto money markets, which have seen an average decrease of 70 percent this year, other companies with weak financial structures and highly leveraged transactions and commercial relations with these companies either went bankrupt or came to the verge of bankruptcy as their positions were liquidated.


Celsius, Three Arrows Capital and Voyager Digital are among the companies that failed to overcome the liquidity crisis and went bankrupt. These companies experienced problems due to the fact that they could not reduce their high-risk positions, which they generally took in the 2021 bull season, with the market turn in 2022.

Major investor buys $1.7B Ethereum futures contract

Despite the sharp decline in recent months, the progress of the Ethereum network update is causing an increase in the comments that the value of ETH will increase in the coming periods. Investors, on the other hand, take positions to profit from a possible rise with futures ETH transactions. One of these investors bought $1.7 billion worth of ETH futures contracts in an hour yesterday, according to data from Crypto Quant.