The Least Exit in Fund Outflows is in Ethereum!

The fact that the inflation data from the USA is above expectations and the FED’s hawkish attitude fueled the expectation of further decline in Bitcoin, while the inflows to short Bitcoin funds increased. In the report, prepared according to data published by Coinshares, it was stated that macroeconomic data that exceeded expectations affected the crypto sentiment. In the report, where it is stated that there are small outflows of 2 million dollars to digital asset mutual funds, it is stated that there are inflows of 10 million dollars in short positions (downward).

In the report, which stated that the volume in the funds was low as of this week, it was emphasized that investors were affected by the macroeconomic data from the USA. In addition, it was stated that the pressure from the SEC could be effective in increasing these positions. In the fund outflows, it was seen that the least outflow was in Ethereum. In addition, it was stated that there were $ 7.2 million outflows in Blockchain stocks, with expectations that the FED will become even more hawkish. Although the numbers seem small compared to the volumes in the crypto markets, they are closely followed by Coinshares as they represent the sentiment of the fund investors towards cryptocurrencies.

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