As we approach step by step towards the most important event of the year in the crypto industry, the first leg of Ethereum's Merge update, Bellatrix upgrade, has gone live. However, the developers brought up some minor technical issues.

Ethereum developers have successfully released the Bellatrix hard fork, which will prepare the Ethereum network to update ahead of the network merger. However, shortly after the upgrade, the developers noticed some anomalies in the reports they received. After the Bellatrix distribution, a high rate of increase was recorded in the number of missed blocks in the network. This was expressed as an issue where the network was unable to authenticate blocks of transactions queued for verification.

ethereum merge

Making a statement about the technical problem, Ethereum developer Martin Köppelmann said that the missed block rate is above 9 percent, while the average of this rate is around 0.5 percent according to historical data. Expressing that this is not a critical problem, Köppelmann still thinks that it should be emphasized.

On the other hand, this problem is thought to be caused by Ethereum nodes that did not upgrade their pre-merger clients. The developers, on the other hand, do not dwell on this problem too much, thinking that it is at a level that can be debugged before the last network merge.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in a recent tweet that the Bellatrix hard fork update plays an important role as it aims to prepare the main chain to adopt the planned merger on September 13-15. In addition, Buterin urged operators to update their clients prior to the Bellatrix upgrade in his regular posts.

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The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is now ready to transition to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. After the update in question, it is expected that the energy consumption of the Ethereum network will decrease significantly, sustainability will increase, and an increase in transaction speed and efficiency. Ethereum price, on the other hand, saw a steep decline with the increase in seller transactions during US trading hours, after rising to the $ 1,600 band yesterday. With sales that started at $1,650 yesterday, ETH/USD returned to the $1,500 band with a partial recovery after briefly visiting below $1,500 in the early hours of the day and is currently moving sideways at $1,520.