While the hard sales following the first decline of the Omicron variant on the agenda made the markets uneasy, the gradual reduction of concerns about the new variant was also a factor that increased the risk appetite.

While the Hong Kong and Japanese stock markets continue to be traded above 2%, it can be said that the European stock markets also continue with a green outlook.

At this point, the highest sales were in risky products. While the sales in Bitcoin reached 20%, paving the way for a great slaughter in altcoins, the positive atmosphere in the markets also affected the crypto money markets.

While the flagship of the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin, is trying to hold on to the $51,000 limit, some altcoins come to the fore. While many altcoins are still far from their peak, it can be said to be a profitable time for bottom-buying investors. When we look at the last 24-hour changes, the altcoins that are among the top 100 cryptocurrencies and earn the most for their investors are as follows;

Bitcoin SV is at the top of the list with a 35% return rate, followed by LRC, NEXO and MATIC with 33%.