The Fantom Growing the Most in Number of Addresses in 2022!

Smart contract altcoin platform Fantom (FTM) was one of the strongest performers of the year in terms of network growth. Compared to industry giants such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, and others, Fantom’s growth of 2.108 percent stands out.

According to data from blockchain analytics firm Coin98, Fantom experienced a 2108% increase in address count, surpassing the 87% growth seen in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and 19% seen in the Ethereum network.

Fantom is a smart contract platform that provides DeFi services to developers with the help of its own custom-built consensus algorithm. Fantom solves and provides solutions for smart contract platforms, including transaction speed, scaling, and more. Fantom was created as an alternative to Ethereum, with the aim of overcoming the limitations of this network and creating a next-generation blockchain by solving the famous blockchain dilemma (scalability, security and decentralization).

This rapid increase in the number of addresses in the fantom network indicates strong adoption of the platform by users and developers. It is worth noting that the increase in the number of addresses does not need to be directly related to general usage or activity on the network, but can serve as a rough indicator of the level of interest in a particular blockchain. Despite the network’s fundamental growth, FTM as a financial asset is struggling in the market, losing up to 93% of its value since hitting an all-time high in January.

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