Andrew Kang, finance director of MicroStrategy, one of the leading names in the cryptocurrency market, spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the company's Bitcoin plans. Kang said that the company's Bitcoin plans will not change despite the market-dominating decline. It was also stated that the company has no intention of selling Bitcoin at the moment and there is no pressure from the shareholders in this direction.

The company has recently faced some issues about the term loan from Silvergate and the possible situation if Bitcoin drops to a certain level.

As of March 31, the original cost base and market capitalization of the company's Bitcoin reserves were $3,967 billion and $5,893 billion, respectively.

According to MicroStrategy's shared last quarter report, it is known to hold just over 129,000 Bitcoins.

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Bitcoin has lost 3.5 percent since the start of the week. If the weekly close in Bitcoin comes below $31,330, it will break its record by closing negative for the 8th week in a row. In the weekly series of declines, the heaviest losses came in the first two weeks of May, down 11.5 percent and 8 percent. The market value of Bitcoin, which has been moving in the band of $ 29,850 - $ 30,770 since the opening of the day, is at $ 576 billion. The market dominance rate, on the other hand, is in the 45% band, the highest level in the last 7 months.

Cryptocurrencies are calm today after recovering some from the lows of the week yesterday. The last 24-hour trading volume continues at the level of 80 billion dollars. Its total market capitalization is under $1.3 trillion. In the last 24-hour time frame, 91 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies continue on the plus side. The cryptocurrency fear and greed index remains in the extreme fear zone at 13 points after hitting a 3-year low this week.