“The Deterioration of the General Economy Benefits Crypto”

Sergey Nazarov, one of the founding partners of Chainlink, was a guest on CNBC from the US media. Nazarov, who said the great decline in cryptocurrencies and his ideas for the future, argued that the rise will come again.

Contrary to many analysts and commentators, Nazarov stated that the recession and the further stagnation of the economy will benefit cryptocurrencies, and used the following statements:

“The rises came after the distribution of cheap money and keeping the interest rates high for a long time. Crypto followed the big technology companies and rose. It will be like this again. Cryptocurrency will also attract the attention of big technology companies. We need to know that crypto money is a tool against inflation. They were created for. As an alternative to traditional finance. When there is cheap money again, there will be an introduction to cryptocurrencies. The collapses in the global finance field are not shown to us. Things were not bad in the crypto field last year. We will come to those sinks again.”

LINK, which exceeded $ 50 during the most enthusiastic periods of the 2021 bull season, is trading at $ 6.14 as of the writing of the news.

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