Texas is among the crypto-friendly states of the United States. Fort Worth, one of the cities of the state of Texas, came to the fore with the Bitcoin (BTC) mining move.

3 Bitmain Antminer S9 mining equipment has been donated by the Texas Blockchain Council to the crypto-friendly US state of Fort Worth, Texas. The city starts Bitcoin mining with this equipment.

Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker thinks the operating cost will be offset by the BTCs that will be included in the city's balance sheet.

bitcoin mining-1

According to CNBC's report, the city would have remained neutral in holding Bitcoin if it had not received donations from the Council. However, Parker believes that despite this neutrality, cryptocurrencies are a big part of the future.

Sure, cryptocurrencies still have unexplored territory. Therefore, it is not easy to keep Bitcoin on the city's balance sheet.

The newly elected mayor also said that the idea of ​​bitcoin mining is that 80 percent of venture capital is spent mainly on technology, and cryptocurrency is now at the center of it.

The city's adoption of Bitcoin is not actually profit-oriented. However, the fact that the municipal government is mining Bitcoin and putting the largest cryptocurrency on its balance sheet is actually an example for all cities.

MicroStrategy will offer its employees the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin through Fidelity.

MicroStrategy will offer employees the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin through Fidelity's new Bitcoin 401(k) service. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor made the announcement via his Twitter account. Saylor used the following statements:

Michael Saylor Bitcoin

MicroStrategy looks forward to working with Fidelity Digital Assets to become the first publicly traded company to offer its employees the option to invest in Bitcoin as part of its 401(k) program.
Fidelity said today that it will offer a Bitcoin investment option later this year to companies using a retirement savings program. Fidelity is one of the largest 401(k) providers with 23,000 companies.

The move is interpreted as another sign that Bitcoin is becoming more legitimate. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor recently emphasized that he will continue his Bitcoin purchasing policies.