Tether CTO clears doubts

Tether’s chief technology officer, Paolo Ardoino, has responded to rumors of large industrial container images circulating online recently. However, he declined to provide details on where the Bitcoin mining operations are.

In a post he shared on Twitter on August 26, Ardoino stated that a photo he shared on August 24 aroused curiosity. In the photo, a container with the Tether Energy logo was photoshopped, increasing speculation. Ardoino explained that this photo shows the control room of Tether’s soon-to-be-opened Bitcoin mining site.

Ardoino, however, declined to elaborate on exactly where the operations were. Ardoino only stated that it was located on the continent of South America, but did not share further details for security reasons. Ardoino also stated that the Tether Energy logo in the photo was a deliberate media decision. The team wanted to brand this as they knew the photo would be shared in the media. However, he also stated that it is not a good idea to place large logos for the security of the operation.

Tether has announced that it has developed a mining software called “Moria” that aims to provide more transparency in the Bitcoin mining industry. Ardoino said that this software will provide more comprehensive data analytics on energy production at mining sites and will help evaluate the performance of the site.

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