In the post made by IOHK, the company that manages the Cardano ecosystem, it was announced that the Vasil Hard Fork update was launched on the Cardano testnet on July 3.

Vasil Hard Fork, which will be tested on the testnet first, is expected to go live on the mainnet towards the end of July. As previously announced, this update, which is extremely important for the Cardano ecosystem, will be tested by crypto exchanges and stake pool operators for 4 weeks. If the results are stable, Vasil Hard Fork will be released to the mainnet.

Upon successful completion of the upgrade process to the testnet stage, dApps (decentralized applications) and stable crypto assets will be released on the Cardano network. This will increase the availability of the network and is considered an extremely important development for Cardano.

cardano ada-11

According to the statements made, many decentralized applications are currently waiting for the successful implementation of the Vasil Hard Fork to the mainnet. Among these, two important applications, ErdoDEX and stable cryptocurrency project Djed, are the projects that will try the Vasil update on the testnet, and announced that they expect the update to be implemented on the mainnet.

The fact that 399 projects committed to the Cardano network on Github last week is also seen as an important proof that the projects are waiting for the update.

While the Vasil Hard Fork update is expected to increase the volatility in the ADA price action, looking at the price action of the last 24 hours, it is seen that the transition to the testnet phase has not been priced yet.

ADA saw a limited rise as low as $0.455 after finding support at $0.447 in weekend trading. The altcoin, which saw some sales at the opening of the week, declined to $ 0.447 in the morning. It is seen that ADA/USD has been moving in the narrow band for the last 5 days.