The Luna Foundation, which bought Bitcoin for UST, Terra Luna's USD-indexed stablecoin, made LUNA experience a sharp rise. During the rise of LUNA, the Luna Foundation, which also managed to heavily support Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, gained the support of investors.

As of today, Justin Sun, the founder of TRC-20, one of the fastest blockchain networks in the crypto market, announced that he will make new moves. Sun, the Founder of TRON, announced on his official Twitter account that he will implement the Bitcoin and AVAX program implemented by the Luna Foundation over TRX.

Noting that he allocates 10 billion dollars for this program, Justin Sun states that he will give his investors a record 30% annual interest rate with the USDD stablecoin, which is indexed to the US dollar. Do Kwon, Founder of the Luna Foundation, congratulates Justin Sun's move and states that the crypto industry will continue to develop.

After this announcement by Justin Sun, TRX has started to rise very sharply. TRX, which experienced an increase of close to 18% after the announcement, attracted the attention of all crypto money investors. Tron, which is still showing very bullish movements, is expected to continue its rise if it does not lose the $ 0.072 level in the coming hours.

Bitcoin message from Terra account: Things will get messy soon

An exciting sharing was made from the Terra Luna Foundation account, which has a significant amount of Bitcoin in its hands. Terra Luna, who made a name for himself with the Bitcoins he bought to support UST, the stable coin of the Terra blockchain, and increased the number of BTC in his hands to 35 thousand by buying 230 million dollars of Bitcoin on April 6, excited his followers and investors.

“Bears beware”

In the post on Terra Luna's Twitter account, "Things are gonna get spicy real soon. Beras beware." While the post received hundreds of RTs and FAVs, followers shared their ideas that this message heralds a new Bitcoin purchase move. Writing the UST and BTC tags at the bottom of the message also strengthens this possibility.