Terra community voted on the proposal

The Terra Classic community is voting on various offers, but some feel that “spam” offers have increased significantly after the LUNC price drop in recent months. A new proposal was put to vote to increase the minimum deposit amount from 1 million LUNC to 5 million LUNC. Prices seem to gain upward momentum ahead of the upgrade.

The motion titled 11780 “An attempt to combat spam offers by increasing the minimum deposit amount to 5 million LUNC” was put to the vote. This aims to increase the minimum deposit amount from 1 million LUNC to 5 million LUNC, making it harder for spam offers to get past the deposit stage. This will help combat “spam” and irrelevant voting offers from the Terra Classic community. Validators agree that 1 million LUNC is no longer enough to deter these unsolicited offers. Hexxagon, the developer group assigned to the community-owned Station wallet, drew attention to the increase in spam offers.

It supports nine validator recommendations, including Hexxagon, Lunanauts, and Coinpayu. But JESUSisLORD opposes the proposal, saying that “with a 5-fold increase, the negative impact on normal community members’ ability to submit their own proposals is too great.” Meanwhile, the L1 Terra Classic Task Force is preparing for the v2.2.1 kernel upgrade. According to the countdown, the upgrade is estimated to take place on September 12 at 9.57 UTC. The USTC Quant team has reached out to the central exchange to share the Buyback Report and is moving forward with the goal of re-regulating USTC.

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