LFG announced that it has purchased 37,860 Bitcoins worth $1.5 billion yesterday as part of its Bitcoin reserve creation program for UST, the largest asset in the decentralized stablecoin market. With the last Bitcoin (BTC) purchase, the institution's Bitcoin reserves have reached 80,393 BTC, about $2.9 billion.

Terra (LUNA) had started buying Bitcoin (BTC) for its UST reserve in late February. The final purchase was made in two parts. While $1 billion BTC was traded OTC with Genesis, $500 million worth of Bitcoin was purchased from Three Arrows Capital. Yesterday's transactions were recorded as the largest purchase ever, with LFG doubling its Bitcoin reserve.

Terra Luna-4

Terra talked about his goal of creating a $10 billion Bitcoin (BTC) reserve when he started buying transactions in February. If the company reaches its goal, it will have almost twice as many Bitcoins in its portfolio as MicroStrategy, which has the most. MicroStrategy currently holds 129,218 Bitcoins worth about $3.9 billion.

Despite the high purchases of Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), which has become one of the top 10 Bitcoin whales, sharp decreases were seen in the market yesterday. Bitcoin had its biggest intraday drop since January. In the depreciation of 11 percent, the BTC price declined to $ 35,500. The largest crypto asset remaining in a downtrend is currently changing hands at $36,300.

TerraUSD Ust

Terra's native token, LUNA, also fell 7.5 percent in yesterday's overall drop, falling as low as $78.5.

The algorithmic stablecoin of the Terra ecosystem, UST, remains stable with a market cap of $18.7 billion, making it the 10th crypto-asset. With TerraUSD making it into the top 10 cryptocurrencies in April, Terra became the first Blockchain network to feature two crypto assets (LUNA and UST) in the top 10.