Telegram Ready to Move to Decentralized Exchange and Web3

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced that his company is ready to move to decentralized exchange and Web3. Pavel Durov, on Twitter, said that Telegram plans to have its own in-house crypto wallets and decentralized crypto exchange and access to cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Durov emphasized that Fragment, a completely decentralized auction platform on The Open Network (TON), whose development was completed in “5 weeks with only 5 people”, sold 50 million dollars of usernames in less than a month.

Referring to the success of the fragment, Pavel Durov said that Telegram has additional tools to promote decentralization. Durov also stated that technologies like TON have the potential to give people back control.

Telegram wants to be an ambitious player in the crypto space

After the collapse of FTX, the principle of decentralization in the crypto industry once again came to the fore, and Telegram CEO was the last name to make a breakthrough in this regard. Thinking that blockchain companies should go back to their core, Durov believes that crypto investors should use decentralized platforms and wallets instead of centralized applications.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s statements on Twitter were welcomed by some users, while others criticized Telegram’s data sharing with the Government of India.

Telegram criticized for sharing data with India

Following the request of the Government of India, Telegram shared the information including users’ IP addresses, usernames and phone numbers with the Delhi High Court. Telegram initially refused to share data, citing company policies, but later agreed to share user information. Some Twitter users criticizing this post have criticized Telegram’s commitment to centricity as unreliable.

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