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Giant Transfers for Bitcoin and 3 Altcoins from Whales

Cryptocurrency whales are back in action. This time, their transfers regarding Bitcoin and 3 altcoins draw attention.

A New ARB Frenzy is Starting?

According to a successful data provider Look On-Chain, whales have started to buy ARBs again in the last 2 days.

2071 BTC Out of Inactive Wallet for 9 Years

Approximately 2071 Bitcoins worth $60 million were released this morning from a wallet that had been inactive for many years.

Big Movement in ETH Whales That Have Been Sleeping for 5 Years

Long-sleeping whales in Ethereum have transferred a large amount of ETH, according to the latest data.

A Smart Whale Transferred 11K BTC

A “Bitcoin whale” transferred 11,000 BTC to a Bitfinex wallet when the price was $30,114.

Giant Whale Transacts Large Volumes of DOGE on Binance

The giant cryptocurrency whale attracted attention by performing a loaded Dogecoin transaction on Binance.

XRP Enters Top 10 Purchased List Among Binance Whales

At a time when the world banking industry is in crisis, Binance whales are evaluating falling cryptocurrency prices.

Chainlink (LINK) Whale Awakens

Crypto data platform Santiment has detected $ 79 million worth of whale movements on its LINK platform.

Santiment: “This Will Be a Breaking Sign for Bitcoin”

While investors are waiting for the rise in Bitcoin to continue, a new post about the rise of Bitcoin came from Santiment.

Giant Altcoin Whale Sends 2 Million 1INCH to Binance

According to information obtained from on-chain data, an altcoin whale made a large transfer to the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Whales Collect SHIB and GRT Outside of Stablecoin

According to WhaleStats, whales bought these altcoins other than stablecoins during the week when Bitcoin and Ethereum fell.
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Massive Amounts of XRP and SAND Moved

Crypto whales that moved large amounts of BTC and ETH over the weekend are now also moving millions of XRP and SAND.
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Santiment: “Whales Attack These Three Altcoins”

Santiment said that whale transactions are increasing in these three altcoins.

Bitcoin Whales Enter 2023 Buoyantly

Bitcoin whales continue their purchases on the first day of 2023.

Dump Move from Biggest Chiliz Whale

The price dropped after the Chiliz whale sent the CHZ altcoin to Binance and OKX.

Is XRP Outperforming BTC?

Ripple whales continue XRP transfers; XRP outperforms Bitcoin.

Whales Keep Collecting ETH

The whales of the cryptocurrency market continue to accumulate Ethereum despite the decline.