Is XRP Outperforming BTC?

Ripple whales continue XRP transfers; XRP outperforms Bitcoin.

Whales Keep Collecting ETH

The whales of the cryptocurrency market continue to accumulate Ethereum despite the decline.

BTCs Standing Still for Years Take Action

Whales have displaced hundreds of Bitcoins that have been dormant for 11 years.

Giant Whale Movement in Bitcoin

According to information reported by blockchain tracking and analysis platform Whale Alert, $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin was moved between 2 anonymous crypto wallets in a single transaction.

Crypto Whales Attack In This Altcoin

Alert reports that whales moved 975.1 million tokens in the popular altcoin in less than two hours.

Million Dollar Movement in Dogecoin

There has been another important development for Dogecoin, which has shown a remarkable increase in recent days. A Dogecoin whale transferred more than $9 million in DOGE to Binance.