PayPal Invests in Web3 Initiative

PayPal has invested in a digital wallet provider initiative that supports the transition to Web3.

Brave Powers Its Web3 Browser! NFT Move!

With the recent entry of large companies into the Web3 field, studies in the Web3 field are also increasing.

STEPN Announces Apple Pay Integration

STEPN has announced that it is the first blockchain gaming app to integrate Apple Pay.

SBI Japan and Ripple Partner for Web3

SBI Japan, one of Ripple's leading partners, has set out to strengthen its Web3 efforts.

UK to Explore Metaverse Strategies

The UK's newly formed Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technology will work on the country's metaverse and Web3 strategies.

Web3 Statement from Hong Kong Financial Secretary

Hong Kong financial secretary Paul Chan emphasized that despite the fluctuations in the crypto market, progress in Web3 technology is significant.

Top 20 European-based VCs Investing in Web3 Projects

Crypto analytics firm Coin98 Analytics has published the top 20 Europe-based venture capital firms investing in Web3 coin projects.

Messi Backs Web3 Soccer Game Startup Matchday

Matchday, a football-focused Web3 gaming company, has raised $21 million in a seed investment round.
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Partnership with Snoop Dogg from the Web3 Platform

Popular American rapper Snoop Dogg has reportedly partnered with Web3 integrated live broadcasting platform "Shiller".

Crypto and Web3 Step from Unity

Unity has announced that it has added Web3 and the world of crypto money to its system. From now on, developers will be able to add Web3 tools to the games they create in a decentralized way.

Huawei Will Work on Web3 Adaptation in Asia.

Huawei announced its cooperation with the industry's important crypto companies as part of the Metaverse project.

Spotify Is Testing Token-Enabled Music Playlists

Spotify, which is the biggest name of the online music market, came up with an NFT -oriented test.

NFT and Web3 Friendly New CEO to YouTube

Neal Mohan, who has been appointed as the new CEO of YouTube, pointed out that NFTs and Web3 technology can be an important tool.

Web3 Initiative Raised $12.5 Million in Funding

Focusing on a decentralized communication platform, Sending Labs managed to raise $12.5 million in funding. On the other hand, OKX has officially announced OKBChain.
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Square Enix to Launch Blockchain Game Symbiogenesis

Square Enix, the maker of the video game series Final Fantasy, is gearing up to launch the blockchain game Symbiogenesis as it continues to expand its presence in the Web3 industry.

BNB Chain Introduces Greenfield

BNB Chain introduced Greenfield, its new Web3 platform for developers to gain control over their data.
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Is Amazon Entering the Blockchain World?

The claim that the global electronic shopping site Amazon will step into the NFT ecosystem has created excitement.

7.8 Million Dollars Investment in Sortium

The developments in Web3 technology also reflect positively on the crypto money industry.