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Uniswap to be Deployed on Polkadot

It has been announced that Uniswap, the world's largest decentralized exchange, will be deployed on Polkadot.

Uniswap Is Launching a Mobile Wallet

Uniswap has launched a mobile wallet app to drive wider adoption of the DeFi wallet and support active trading.

Developers Can Now Fork Uniswap v3 Protocol

As the Business Resource License expires on April 1, developers are now allowed to fork the Uniswap v3 protocol.

Important Collaboration Move from Uniswap

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap (UNI) has announced that it now allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies via the Uniswap Web App using a debit card, credit card or wire transfer.

Santiment Analysts Draw Attention to Three Altcoins

Santiment, in its latest report, reported that there has been activity in wallet address activity and awakening of dormant wallets in three altcoins.

Uniswap Labs Launches NFT Marketplace Aggregator Platform

Uniswap Labs, developer of decentralized exchange Uniswap (UNI), has released its NFT marketplace aggregator platform.