Solana Manager Spoke About The Project Status

Austin Federa, the senior manager of Solana Foundation, told the resources about the current situation of the project during the ETH Denver event.

Solana CEO Says “Ignorance” for Allegations

Anatoly Yakovenko responded to allegations that network outages in Solana were caused by on-chain voting.

Will Solana (SOL) Be Able to Survive?

Coinbase, who examined the developments in Solana, said that the Solana network was not immune to the difficulties of crypto winter in 2022.
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Analyst Expects Breakout for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink

Cryptocurrency analyst BTC, ETH and another smart contract protocol Chainlink are probably geared up for the rally.

Analyst Looks Optimistic to SOL in Long and Short Term

Dominic Basulto, analyst at The Motley Fool, analyzed Solana (SOL), which is trading under $30.
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Yakovenko: “Solana Will Survive”

Anatoly Yakovenko, the creator of Solana (SOL), stated that Solana will survive while making remarkable predictions for the cryptocurrency market for the next 12 to 18 months.
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Analyst Evaluates BTC, SOL, FTM and GMT

The cryptocurrency analyst signaled that the rises of Bitcoin, Solana, Fantom and STEPN will continue.
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Burniske: “SOL/ETH Important Indicator For Me”

Chris Burniske said that the Solana /Ethereum trading pair has become a key indicator of crypto risk appetite for him.

Analyst Expects Rise In These Three Altcoins

A popular cryptocurrency analyst says that smart contract platform Solana and two altcoins are giving further bullish signals.

Helium Developers Give Time to Transition to Solana Network

Helium (HNT) altcoin will switch to Solana (SOL) network.

Algorithm Sets A Price For Solana

An AI-powered algorithm marked the $31 level in March for the recently popular cryptocurrency Solana (SOL).
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Mike McGlone Thinks Ethereum Will Stand Out in 2023

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone compared Bitcoin and Ethereum for 2023.

Artificial Intelligence: “Solana Will Rise In January”

Artificial intelligence explained: On January 31, Ethereum rival Solana, how many dollars will it be?

Solana Started Fast for 2023

Solana had fallen rapidly in the rankings due to the meltdown of her capital after a rapid decline since November.
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Buterin: “Solana Has a Bright Future”

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin commented that “shorts have exploded” for the bearish Solana (SOL).
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Eyes on Solana Seeing Double Digit Losses

The Solana network has been hit hard by the bankruptcy of one of its biggest investors, FTX.
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What’s Happening in the Solana Ecosystem?

DeGods and y00ts projects decided to exit Solana, while Polygon allegedly paid $5 million for y00ts.