LINK sharks on accumulation spree

According to data shared by the Santiment on-chain analytics aggregator, there is movement in Chainlink wallets.

Santiment evaluates the bullish potential of 5 altcoins

While Bitcoin lost its upward momentum after the gains in the first quarter of the year, the eyes were turned to the altcoin market.

XRP’s On-Chain Volume and Development Activities Increase

Santiment noted that XRP has seen a massive increase in on-chain volume as development activities surrounding cryptocurrencies increase.

Santiment: “Bitcoin Whales Take Action Despite Fall”

The crypto analytics firm found that some large whale and shark addresses were hoarding Bitcoin before Grayscale's SEC decision was announced.

‘Big Investors Accumulating ETH’

The price of the largest altcoin Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $1,650, but data on network activity signals some interesting developments.

Giant Investors Eyes On These Assets

Santiment shared some data that could deeply affect the industry with its followers.

Cardano Whales Challenge Market Sentiment With Their Increasing Presence

Despite the 35% drop in market cap since its peak four months ago, the whales of this altcoin have doubled their holdings.

Santiment Warns: Beware of FOMO Levels on These Altcoins

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment drew attention to three altcoins as the BTC price rose in its statement.

Investors keep accumulating LTC

Dolphins and sharks have collected a total of 205.4k LTC since June 14.

Santiment Draws Attention to Three Altcoins

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment said in its statement that three altcoins show FUD.

‘MATIC and BNB are seeing particularly high interest’

The cryptocurrency analysis company said in its latest statement that two different altcoins are attracting more attention than the others.
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Rise in Solana (SOL) Metrics

The rise in the data of Solana (SOL), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the time, did not go unnoticed.

Popular Data Platform Evaluates BTC’s Direction

Santiment said that investor confidence has increased significantly and investors continue to accumulate BTC.

These Cryptocurrencies Are Featured in Social Media Domination

Looking at the data published by Santiment, it is seen that some altcoins come to the fore.

Santiment: “XRP May Begin Uptrend Soon”

Santiment has made its announcement that delights investors for the popular altcoin XRP.

What Direction Does the Current Data Point In? ETH?

As Ethereum continued to lose value, the crypto analysis platform shared up-to-date data and drew attention to critical metrics.

Santiment: “Creating Bullish Divergence”

With the effect of the SEC, Bitcoin and crypto money prices are falling, but whales continue to accumulate coins.

“Render’s Whale Transactions Rise to 3rd High of the Month”

Cryptocurrency analysis firm points out an Ethereum (ETH)-based altcoin with a high increase in whale transactions.