Santiment Announces: Interest in Bitcoin Increases

Santiment has released a new report that will interest those who stake Ethereum as cryptocurrency interest shifts to Bitcoin.

Chainlink (LINK) Whale Awakens

Crypto data platform Santiment has detected $ 79 million worth of whale movements on its LINK platform.

Santiment: “This Will Be a Breaking Sign for Bitcoin”

While investors are waiting for the rise in Bitcoin to continue, a new post about the rise of Bitcoin came from Santiment.

These 3 Altcoins Stand Out With GitHub Activity

Crypto analytics firm Santiment reports that 3 popular altcoins are leading the market in a key metric.

Aptos Topped the Developer Activity

A Twitter account that shares statistics on the GitHub platform, ranked crypto projects by activity.

Ethereum Supply on Exchanges Decreasing

According to Santiment, since the Merge update, the supply of Ethereum on exchanges has decreased continuously.

What awaits Cardano? What Does the Data Say?

Santiment analyst analyzed Cardano. What awaits the ADA in the future?

Santiment: “Small Bitcoin Addresses Are Reviving”

Santiment explained that 620,000 small Bitcoin addresses have resurfaced on the network at an increasing rate since the collapse of FTX.

Santiment: Whales Collect BTC

Although individual investors are skeptical, when we look at crypto whales, it is observed that they have made very serious purchases at these levels in recent days.

Santiment: “February Will Be Tough For ETH”

Santiment shows that on-chain data is increasing the desire to profit in ETH.

The Most Bought Cryptocurrencies by Whales in 2023

Popular crypto analytics platform Santiment revealed an incredible increase in whale transactions for these 4 cryptocurrencies.

Santiment: Top 10 Altcoins with the Most Development Activity

According to data provided by Santiment, these altcoins have the highest development activity on GitHub.
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Santiment: “Whales Attack These Three Altcoins”

Santiment said that whale transactions are increasing in these three altcoins.

Santiment: “It Has Enduring Potential”

Santiment evaluated the AAVE, which rose by approximately 34% in 2023 in its latest assessment.

Jump Happened in Quant Whale Activity

Santiment drew attention to whale activity in the Quant (QNT) altcoin in its statement.

Santiment Analyst Evaluates Rise in Some Altcoins

Along with Santimetn analyst Solana, he evaluated some other altcoins that are positively differentiated from the market.

Santiment: Keep These 3 Altcoins On Your Radar

Cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment has shared an interesting analysis of some altcoins.