XRP-SEC Litigation Prediction from Artificial Intelligence

As the summary judgment draws near in the Ripple and SEC case, attention turns to the potential outcome.

Activity on XRP Blockchain Soars to Record Highs

Blockchain data shows that active XRP addresses are near record levels.

Deaton: “Real FOMO Will Start at $2”

Ripple proponent claims that enthusiasm in XRP will start after $2.

Whales Accumulate XRP Despite Lawsuit

Whales are accumulating Ripple's XRP, which has not fallen off the agenda with its legal struggle against the SEC.

Ripple Acquires Stake in Bitstamp

Ripple, whose lawsuit with the SEC continues, has been concentrating on Europe lately.

SBI Japan and Ripple Partner for Web3

SBI Japan, one of Ripple's leading partners, has set out to strengthen its Web3 efforts.

New XRP Insight from Analyst

Crypto analyst Bitboy argued that investors who want to become XRP millionaires should hold at least 150,000 XRP.

Criticism of SEC from Ripple Chief Legal Officer

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple's senior legal representative, criticized the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

XRP Price Drops Below 200-Day EMA

In recent weeks, XRP has experienced significant fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

Garlinghouse: “It Will Cost $200 Million”

Brad Garlinghouse stated that the litigation with the SEC, which has been going on for nearly 2.5 years, will cost them $200 million.

Exciting Metaverse Move for XRP

The leading altcoin Ripple (XRP) will be used as a utility token to purchase land on the xSPECTAR metaverse.

NFT Trading on XRPL Gaining Popularity

Ripple's XRPL saw significant growth in Q1 2023 thanks to NFTs.

Ripple Released Its First Quarter 2023 Report

The Ripple company, whose lawsuit with SEC has been ongoing for two years, has published its first quarter report of 2023.

Montenegro to Launch CBDC With Ripple

The Central Bank of Montenegro (CBCG) has entered into a central bank digital currency agreement with this blockchain provider.

Schwartz Speaks About Urban Legends About Ripple

Ripple CTO David Schwartz addressed the misunderstandings about XRP in his post on Twitter.

“The #1 Reason Why XRP Is Not a Security”

Hogan thinks the winner of the XRP case is obvious for one reason only.

Option Token Named xCORE Will Be Distributed to XRP Holders

The Coreum project announced the process of airdropping 100 million CORE tokens and 50 million xCORE tokens to the community of XRP users.

Will Ripple (XRP) Continue Rising?

XRP has gained all the attention, gaining 45% since March 18, while the general market counts.